Project Mosquito


Tony, with help from John is building a pair of Mosquito's built from Ivan's original design.The original  model was electric powered but these will by powered by DLE55cc engines. Some areas of the model have been redesigned to cope with the loads and vibration of the ic engines and the increased flying loads.

The Fuselages are both well under way and the wings have been built, glassed and fitted to the fuselages. The undercarriages have also been made.

Work is currently focused on the tail surfaces and the moulding of the cowlings.






Work started by making the complex undercarriages and attaching them to the motor boxes

Kits of parts were cut out by Al on the teams CNC machine

Wings were constructed around the motor boxes

Sheeting the first half shell.

Sheeting added to the second side

Fuselages were built as half shells and then put in a support cradle for joining and sheeting of the second side

Trial fitting the engine. DLE 55RA's were chosen, they are much bigger than required but will allow big 3 blade props to be turned and due to their power, they can be operated at lower revs than smaller motors and still produce sufficient power.

Homemade multi chamber silencers will be fitted to fit in the cowlings and make the motors quiet.

Trial fitting of the cowlings onto the wing.

Scale detail being added. Fineline tape and high build filler is used to make the panel lines. Cast resin exhausts have also been fitted.

Masking up for the canopy frame which was sprayed onto the canopy with high build primer.