This page contains the index of  current aircraft projects

As each aircraft is completed it will be moved to the appropriate area of the website but until then details of each project can be found by clicking on the images below


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Westland Whirlwind   

 1/2 scale model designed by John Greenfield

Construction by Darren

Traditional all built up construction sheeted in ply.


Andrews latest project is a little modelled aircraft but which fits in well with the teams other WW2 projects under construction

Span 10ft

Length 7.4 ft

Power 2 x DLE 55



Curtiss P 40 Warhawk

Canadair 215 Water Bomber

Tony is nearing completion of his 1/5th scale P40. Click on the image below to check on progress.

Andrew was building this model of traditional balsa and light-ply construction. It has a 3m wingspan and is being built from a Roy Tassel plan. Originally for 60 glow power but now under modification to electric. The model as pictured is suspended for balance checks hence the weight on top ofthe cabin to represent a pair of 5000 Li-Po`s.  Covering is epoxy cloth and the finished a.u.w. expected to be in the region of 18 lbs. This equates to a wing loading of 2 lbs.sq.ft.  No undercarriage will be fitted as take off is planned from a tricycle take-off dolly pictured underneath withlanding on the reinforced glass hull. It is hoped this model can be completed by team members and flown in memory of Andrew

Curtiss Jenny

Way back in 1981 John built a Curtiss Jenny from a Bud Nosen kit he brought back from America. The model flew for many years powered by an O.S FS60 motor but was lost in a mid air collision at the local flying field.

An internet search last year revealed that the plan was being republished in America so a copy was ordered and it was decided to build a new version of the model for nostalgic reasons. The plan was copied exactly but it wasdecided to make the new model electric for quiet evening flying.


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Darrens latest project is a 1/4 scale Chipmunk being developed from a Jerry Bates plan. Check back here from time to time for more info as the build progresses.

Grumman Duck


John's latest project is a scratch built Duck. The model is 100" wingspan and has been designed to be amphibious so it can be flown from land or water. Construction of this difficult project started in the summer of 2023 and completion is expected in 2025. Keep checking back for progress.

Pitts S2


Tonys latest build is a Pitts S2. Unusually for the team this model has been built from an ARTF kit from Hanger 9 rather than scratch built. With such good ARTF models available these days there is little point in scratch building a popular subject that has already been well kitted.

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