3 D Printer Project

It was my original intention to add a print head to my small miller, but I decided it would be quicker to make a separate unit, this could also be portable as it would also house all the required electronics. All the info to build these units is available on the internet. There is a very active group in the UK (the UK came up with the idea as always) 

The unit I am making is based upon a wooden frame as this is supposed to be the most stable of the Prusa I3 designs.

Cutting the parts for the frame was easy I just used the CNC router, as the build progresses I will update this page















Wooden Version of the Pusa I3 3D printer


This printer is based on the Pusa I3 I choose to build the wooden framed version as is reported to be more stable than the ALU or plastic version frame, the Electronics will be standard but the heater for the plate will be uprated. The power will be provided by two recycled PC PSU's as these are cheap and provide plenty of power.

3D Printer finished

The printer is now enclosed to allow control of the ambient temperature I have made and fitted a sensor controlled heater system, internal lights have been fitted along with a camera to allow me to watch the print via my phone or internet system