Welcome to the engineering section of the website


(Al's workshop and projects)



Welcome to  the engineering section of the website. This section covers a lot of the work Al does for all of the team members to assist them in producing their models


Al's first interest in CNC machinery was sparked when the problem of how to create the mould for the Gloster Meteor nacelles.

Having spent  most of his working life working in motor and machinery control Al had an idea of what was needed to do so decided to have a go. The photo’s show the plug being turned.The rig consisted a 12 volt motor (variable speed) to rotate the plug, a stepper motor to drive the cutter carriage, a lead screw, a cutter (Dremel) and the usual limit switches.The carriage was spring loaded to run against a pattern and it all worked very well. The only thing Al forgot was an extract system for the foam ! It took weeks to clean the yellow foam out of the workshop.

List of  intended and completed projects as of 2014

(1) Build a 3D scanner Built See scanner pages

(2) Fit an 3D printer head to the mini mil

l(3) add 4th,5th and 6th axis to the router, Under way

(4) CNC the lathe


Extra project that was needed

Converted a BFE milling head to CNC  to allow steel to be milled for the metal parts of the Penrose Pegasus but subsequently used for parts for several of the teams models.


The success of forming the mould for the Meteor nacelle promoted the inclusion of the 4th, 5th & 6th axis to the router to enable 3d forming of moulds, the first project being the body of a Chinnok Heli the team have been designing for some time.

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Mini mill                        Router
Metal mill                3D printer

The parts for the  molds for the Meteor were made out of yellow  insulation