The Ghost Squadron Presents
In addition to building and flying a large range of models the Ghost Squadron also runs various model flying events around the country, including a week long modeling holiday at Binham in Norfolk, the private flying field of Ghost Squadron team member Andrew Taylor.
Ghost Squadron events are aimed at putting the fun back into flying, as many of the shows, these days consist of a few slots a day at best and with very little time for modelers to sit and discuss future projects. These Ghost Squadron events allow modelers as much or as little flying as they like in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by like minded people.
The number of participants is limited to less than 25 caravans, plus any pilots wishing to join us for just a day or more. This allows for a friendly atmosphere and no or very little waiting for a chance to fly. All types of flying models are welcome. Help and advice are freely available with many flyers choosing to carry out test flights during the week.
The event runs mid week to mid week (Wed to Wed) to only take up one weekend. This is done purposely as many of the attendees have many weekend commitments flying at other shows and events.
In addition to the holiday week the Ghost Squadron host various other meetings around the country each year. The provisional list of events for 2020 is below:-

Dates for 2020 are :-
GPS Triangle training weekend at Buckminster 18/19 April
Buckminster aerotow 2/3 May
South Cerney Aerotow 20 / 21 June
Baldock Aerotow 12 July
Binham flying camp 29 July/5 August
Buckminster aerotow 5/6 September
Please contact John if you would like any more information about any of these meetings.