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The popularity of aerotowing seems to have taken off over the last couple of years but aerotowing is not new to the team as it was one of the  first activities that we were involved with back in the early days of the Ghost squadron. It  does not seem nearly 30 years ago  that John and Al used to go to the White Horse early aerotow meetings. Back then john and Al were flying a ¼ scale Cub with a 32cc engine which was considered frightening large. Today's Gliders are much larger and the tugs have also grown it size to where a 100+cc engine is not quite normal and  Em’s Bellanca Decathlon has a 150 cc engine, The team's SDD Greenleys with DLE111cc motors or are more than sufficient to tow the biggest gliders, but for real scale towing the teaqms 1/2 scale Tiger moth cannot be beaten. This model with its big 250cc motor is perfect for towing 1/2 scale and above gintage gliders but is equally happy towing modern glass ships.

The team have also sucessfully developedan electric tug, the Ampley. this is basically a scaled down and lightened Greenley. Powered by an E-flight 160 motor on 10S lipo's it performs as well as a 62 cc  IC engined tug. The only downside at present is to have to recharge the batteries after 4 tows to 1500 ft . This area of the hobby will see much more development as the capacity of batteries increases and the cost reduces. The electric tug is already at a stage where it can be used very effectively on  noise sensitive sites. 



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