Oldtimer models


Ghost Squadron team members have recently rediscoverd their youth and produced quite a selection of vintage models. The enforced Covid 19 lockdowns provided plenty of time for old time balsa bashing.

On this page, we present a selection of the models.




Debutante and Veron Deacon free flight models. The Deacon is powered by an original Mills 1.3 and Debutante has a modern PAW 80

This model was created from an original Kiel Kraft Junior 60 plan but enlarged to make a better size for calm evening floating about. The span is now 81 3/4". It is electric powered using a 4-Max PO-5055-500 motor and a 70 amp speed controller. It carries a 5S 5200mha lipo which is large enough for 40 mins of flying.

Vic Smeed Debutante free flight model

Cloud Airmaster powered by a 1947 Lucas & Smith Contestor 10cc spark ignition motor. The model is controlled by the original design rudder trim tab and a novel all flying tailplane to completely preserve the free flight models outline. The motor does not have a throttle so the only control is an ignition kill switch.

The Grundig Variophon reed set converted to 2.4ghz that controls the Majestic Major

Information on this conversion can be found in

the engineering section. Click on image above

A Majestic Major traditionally built and nylon covered. The motor is an original OS 60FS which has been converted to spark ignition. The model is flown on an original Grundig Variotron reed set converted to 2.4ghz by team member Alan Carter

Another Veron Deacon, this one is controlled by a single channel (bang bang) radio converted to 2.4ghz. The model is powered by a PAW 1.5cc diesel which is way too powerful for the model so has to be run very rich and decompressed !

A Kiel Kraft Senator rubber powered model built from the modern kit. Tissue covered and powered by 12 strands of 1/8" flat rubber. The plastic kit prop was discarded and a hand carved traditional balsa prop was fitted for a more authentic look and to improve the model's performance. The best flight to date is 8 mins OOS.

A "Sir Jasper" single channel design powered by a PAW 0.8cc motor. Quite a tricky model to fly as it has very little inbuilt stability so required controlling all the time.

A replica Ripmax Pathfinder single channel transmitter that is used to fly the Sir Jasper.

A Powerhouse powered by an OS FS 60 converted to run on petrol. Rudder and elevator control, perfect for calm evening floating around at low throttle.