A2 LaserCutter / 3D printer

 This section will contain information and the progress of my latest project. It is as the header states, a 3D printer and/or laser cutter. It is based on several cube 3D printer designs, but they mostly have a bed size of 300 mm x300 mm x Z height of 300 mm. My one will have a bed size of 420 mm x 600 mm x a Z height of more than 450 mm. The frame size will be approx 800 mm x 600 mm x 750 mm high. The frame will be mainly 2040 extruded aluminum. I have decided to use the Core XY design, mainly because the bed only moves vertically so the weight of it does not cause problems with trying to slow down a heavy mass during fast printing moves. All the parts are going to be printed in PETG  and ABS on my smaller printer. Like my smaller printer, this one will eventually be enclosed to reduce temperature variations during long printing sessions. Some print sessions making the parts for this printer have lasted 19 hours. Because I am planning on using it also for cutting it will need a smoke extract system and a very small high pressure air system to remove charred wood from the cut.

The electronics will also be upgraded, the original printer at present uses an 8bit Arduino board. The new printer will use a 32-bit system with upgraded motor drivers. I will also fit a camera for monitoring the printer during long prints. I have fitted my smaller printer with a "clever dog" unit that allows me to monitor from anywhere.           


Basic frame complete this will eventually be enclosed and heated like to wooded 3D printer as it will be used in an unheated space.

The space at the bottom will house the electronics

A2 Cube

A selection of photos of the build