Ampley Electric Tug

The latest development of the Greenley range of sport and tug models is the Ampley, so called as it uses “amps” and is “amply powered”.

The model is an 80% scale version of the SD Greenley. Construction is exactly the same as the other Greenley models with a fuz made of 1/32” ply and an option of foam or built up wings.

For towing the model uses an E-flight 160 electric motor turning a 20 x 10 prop and drawing 60 amps. Speed controller is a Jeti Spin 77 and the batteries are 2 x 5s 5000mha Lipo’s in a 10s set up.

This power train gives the Ampley the same towing performance as an SD Greenley with a piped Zenoah 62 and will get a 12 kg glider to 1000 ft in 1 minute. For sport flying this set up will fly the model for 25 mins + but for towing at full power it will make 5 tows of 1 minute each.


Plans available as a free download                                                  

Free plans of this model are available to download