This is the latest glider to be added to the Ghost Squadron fleet. John purchased the kit from H Model in CZ especially to compete in the relativly new competition class of GPS racing. H Model made the model with a very thin wing section for speed flying but good aerodynamic design means it will also fly slowly and climb well in thermals.

just like the full size H Model make 2 alternative wing tips for the model and changing the tips on the model varies the span from 7.2m to 8.4m and completely change how the model flys.


The model is very sophisticated and has all the features of the full size including :-

Full span camber changing flaps


Wheel brake

Schambeck self launch system

4 liter capacity Water ballest and R/C dump facility


The very strong carbon airframe is very strong and allows flying at high speeds in ecxess of 280 Kph.



Model Details


Span 7.2m or 8.4m via changable wingtips

Weight dry 23.8kg

Scale 1 : 2.25

Radio Futaba 2.4ghz using 14 channels




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