Avro Rota (Cievra C30)

Work started on this project in 2021 during lockdown with the intention of building a scale Avro Rota autogyro. Initially, a small depron foam model was built from the Steve Jones plan available as a free download from the Coolwinds website. This was done to learn all we could about autogyro mechanics and how to fly them. The model went through quite a lot of experimentation to test ideas and gain information to build a bigger version.

Whilst all the flight testing was taking place John was working on the design of a built up model twice the size of the original foam version. The first flight of this model took place over Christmas 2021 and will now be used as a test bed to try out ideas to see if building an even bigger and more scale model is feasible.


Above is the first prototype built from Depron foam.

The second bigger model is under construction.

Video of the first ever flight of the bigger test model

Second flight of the bigger test model