BAC Drone :


Owned and operated By Emily Hooper


The Drone has a six-metre wingspan and weighs 28 kilos.  It is powered by  an A&M 68 cc twin pusher motor and was built some time ago and has recently  been refurbished.  As the model is over 20 kilos then six test flights need to be carried out totalling 1 hours flying time before the Drone can be flown in public.




BAC Drone – full size info :The original full size Drone was built by the British Aircraft company  which was founded in 1928 to build a series of gliders, but in 1932 its designer and managing director, C. H. Lowe Wylde, fitted a 600 cc Douglas motorcycle engine to the BAC VII tandem two-seater to produce the Planette. Two more were built, but during demonstration flights on 13 May 1933, Lowe Wylde was killed. After BAC was acquired by Austrian sailplane pilot Robert Kronfeld, He renamed it Kronfeld Ltd in 1936. Moving into larger premises at Hanworth, Kronfeld then produced 33 modified Planette aircraft with a 23 hp Douglas Sprite engine, known as the Drone, before closing down in 1937.

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