Designed Owned And operated by Ivan Goodchild


Concorde 1/14th scale

 scratch design

Auw 32lbs

5M fuselage

2.5M wing span

DS94 Ducted fans 14lbs trust each


Motors Lehner 2030/13

Batteries 10S 6100mA lipos

Radio Futaba 2.4 ghz with gyro on ailerons

Transmitter Futaba 12FX

Full retracts and nose droop mechanism


This project has  now completed its test flights. Original flights were carried out with the model in grey primer as it was a very unknown project and the team were not sure how well it would fly. Once the initial problems with the CG were sorted out the model flew extremely well and it was clear the model was a winner. Encouraged by the success of the test flights the model has now been finished and painted in scale colours



Video's at Bottom of page.



Close-up of Concordes Nose Drooping system





Concorde during one of its test flights







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