Darren's 1/4 scale Hurricane


Darren is building a 1/4 scale Hurricane from the Mick Reeves wood pack. This is quite a challenging build as Mick only supplies the basic wood pack and a set of plans blown up form his 1/4.5 scale model. The builder is left to develop all the other parts, mouldings and fittings.

The model is to be fitted with a scale undercarriage which has involved the redesign of the wing joining assembly and retract mounts to accomodate the scale linkages.

Joining of the wing panels to the centre section

Attaching the spar webbing and strengthening before sheeting the bottom of the wings.

Adding stringers to the fuselage and working on the cockpit area.

Aligning the fin and rudder

Checking the fit of the tailplane

Cowling made with the "lost foam" method. Foam carved to shape and then glass cloth laid up over the foam to the required thickness and then the foam removed.

Out in the sunshine for the first time to check the fit of the cowling

Canopy frame made from fibreglass and covered with lithoplate.

Blank for the spinner turned from foam readfy for finishing before creating a mould for the finished item which will be made from carbon fibre

Tailwheel assembley hand made from aluminium.

First parts to be covered. Diatex 1000 from Skycraft is being used. Covering is attached lightly to the structure with Balsloc and then doped

Rear part of the fuselage was covered next

Close up of the pinking tapes on the fuselage

Pinking tapes are added in all the scale locations prior to building up the coats of dope to seal the Diatex

Home made cowling and spinner trial fitted

Framed up model out in the sunshine for the first time

Access hatch on the nose and detailed cockpit windscreen

Working on the scale undercarriage. Notice the home made molded radiator intake

Cast resin exhaust stacks and cowl scale detail

Detail photo showing the elevator servo in the tailplane with concealed linkage

More colour being added

Starting the painting process

Almost completed model being displayed for the first time as the LMA show at Gaydon. Still some details to add and installation to complete

Starting on a scale instrument panel for the cockpit.