DG 1000


1 / 2.25 Scale DG 1000

With the move of the team towards scale gliders and tugs and with the passion of the team towards larger models it was inevitable that another very large scale glider would join the list of Ghost Squadron models.

It is not really practical to self build all moulded glass and carbon fibre models as a one off so this model was purchased as a kit of parts from Paritech in Germany. This company is renowned for making superb all moulded models using the latest technology to produce very efficient and strong airframes. The models are not cheep but the quality and performance more than make up for the high initial cost.

Unlike the full scale DG 1000, the model has full span camber changing flaps to enhance performance even more and requires no less than 12 servos in the wing alone to control the surfaces.

The model, like the full size has 2 sets of outer wing panels for either thermal or aerobatic flight and also has the ability to carry ballast to further improve its aerobatic performance.

The model has a tow release fitted to enable aerotow launches behind the larger of the teams tug aircraft.


Wingspan  8.0 or 8.8m depending on wingtips

Length  3.84m

Weight  24 to 31kg

depending on ballast fitted


 Now Fitted with an up and go Power unit


The model is now  fitted with an electric up and go system that retracts into the top of the fuselage to enable the model to self launch. The electric motor drives a single bladed prop via an automated control system that also controls the extension and retraction sequence. It is powered by a 10s 5000 mha lipo battery.




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