Built owned and operated by

Andrew Taylor

This model commemorates the fun of the hobby in my youth (nearly 60 years ago now). The model can be regarded as the Squadron`s tow line trainer and used behind most tugs but usually an electric Greenly or Sweep Streek. Features are an all-flying tailplane and similar fin made from balsa and tex covered. The fuselage is foamboard and the wings are covered with artists cardboard of the same type as breakfast cereal packets. An undercarriage has been fitted to enable towing scrounged from a Kiel Kraft Outlaw of roughly the same era.

Model Specification;

Wingspan. 2.4M

Length. 1.9M

Weight. 2.7 Kg (A lot of noseweight)


Radio. Futaba FHSS 2.4

The original polyhedral wing (without ailerons) proved unsatisfactory on tow as it induced a tendency to `Dutch-roll`. This problem was solved by flattening the tips, introducing some dihedral at the centre section and adding ailerons. Under favourable `flat-field` conditions the model can return flights of twenty minutes duration despite its very basic technology.