A single seat twin engine fighter that first flew in May 1939 as a sole prototype to overcome the then problems of asymmetric flight. After eleven hours of flight trials the Netherlands was overrun, the invaders not being interested in further development, possibly due to the expected completion of the Dornier 335 which was similarly configured.




Wingspan. 2.1M

Length. 2.0M.

Weight. 10 Kg

Scale. (Very semi) One fifth

Radio. 35Meg JR on six channels. (Two RXs) 14 servos Hitec and Fleet

Power. 2x ASP .75 Glow


Andrew Taylor built this model based on a French plan published in 1984. The model is equipped with flaps and retracts.

Andrew is considering reconfiguring the model to `state-of- the art` electrics to save a bit of weight and to simplify operation whilst getting away from the mess of glow fuel.


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