FOCKE-WULF 189A-1 Uhu (Owl)

Built owned and operated By Andrew Taylor


Full size details

Wing span 60 ft

Power plants 2 x Argus 465 hp

Crew 3

864 were Built

Wing area 409 sq ft

Weight 6000 lbs  (empty)

            8700 lbs (loaded)

Use Tactical reconnaissance/liaison 1940– 45

 The model was scratch built to 1/5th scale by Andrew from traditional balsa and ply with an epoxy glass finish. It is fitted with a homemade retracting undercarriage using air for retraction and extension.

It is 12 ft span and weighs 38lbs

Power plants 2 x laser 180 v Twin


Model in flight

Flying picture showing off the unusual shape of the aircraft.