Gloster Meteor

The project was finished and model the model completed all its required testing  through the summer of 2007, and was cleared for public demonstration, however An unforeseen flaw in the main wing spar material caused the model to be lost .it is possible that another Meteor will be built in the future but at present the workshops are full of ongoing  projects.

Wingspan 4.0m

Weight 33kg

Power 2 x Graupner G-booster 160N turbines

Above are  various shots of work in progress on rear fuselage and tail section

Johns latest project is a 1: 3.4 scale model of the Gloster Meteor Mk 3. Work started on this complex project at the end of 2005 and follows the standard method of construction used by John on all of the Ghost Squadrons large jet models. The model will be of all built up balsa construction with the fuselage made as a monocoque of 1/8” balsa over shadow formers and the wings and tail made of balsa sheeting over lite ply and balsa ribs. Engine nacelles will be made of fibreglass and will house 2 x 160N turbines

  Above is the engine nacelle form being turned out Styrofoam The cutter is a dremel drill with a rota zip  ceramic tile cutter turning at top speed