Horton IX



This unusual model is a 1/3.5 scale model of the experimental jet powered fighter that was just going into production as the Gotha 229 at the end of WW 2. John decided to attempt the build after discovering a 1947 royal Aircraft Establishment reports on the Horton which had all the calculations and details of the aerodynamic design. John thought the best way to understand the complex aerodynamics was to build a working model following the full size design. Not one to be put off by the scale of the task John elected to build a large scale model rather than a small model and to power it with 2 jet engines. Detailed design took many months and once construction started the complex aerodynamic shape of the aircraft required many jigs to be built in order that the shape could be accurately reproduced in the model. It is this complex shape that allows the aircraft to fly without any vertical fins.

The model is built of balsa and ply and covered in glass cloth and epoxy resin. Finish is cellulose paint after surface detail had been applied.

Model specification

Wingspan 5.25 m

Length 2.0 m

Weight 33 kg

Motors Two AMT Pegasus turbines

Radio Futaba

The model features a full retracting undercarriage with sequencing doors and is fitted with wheel brakes.





The complex tip drag rudders and faithfully reproduced and are essential to the successful control of the model.

The Photo's below are some of the planes many publc displays