Starting out with an Ampley the idea was to make a basic electric aircraft that Jane could fly during the hours of "electric/silent flight" flying that occurs at most events we attend, it has turned out to be her favourite and gets flown at anytime. As Jane only wanted to fly around a power train of the size fitted to John and Ivan’s glider tug versions wasn’t required and neither was the strength of the airframe. Working with Johns advice the wing has less ribs than standard and the rear of the fuselage top, bottom and sides have been lightened out. The whole airframe is covered in Solarfilm. The power train is a Tornado Thumper (4560 I think) with a 60 Amp esc, 13 x 10 prop and a 4s 3700 mah lipo. Flight times are around 8 to 10 mins depending on throttle use. Weight without the lipo is 5 3/4lb (2.6 kilo