Bucker Jungmeister

Way back in 1978 before the Ghost Squadron was formed John designed a 1/3rd scale Bucker Jungmeister. At the time this was considered an enormous model and way too large for the "average modeller".

It was powered by an Evra 32cc petrol motor which again at the time was considered a huge motor. John flew the model for a couple of seasons and then took it to America and flew it at the QSAA Championships in Las Vegas. The model was so well received at the event that John was made an offer he could not refuse and the model was sold.

On John's return, the plans were sold to Radio Modeller and are now still available from Sarik. The design has proved very popular over the years with many examples built by modellers around the world.

With the Covid 19 lockdown and a clear bench, John decided to revisit the design and bring it up to date to make a lighter and stronger model that was easier to rig. The original model had one piece wings but in the redesign, John made the outer wing panels removable and fixed the undercarriage to the fuselage so the model could be stored and transported on its wheels. The model was completed in 10 weeks and has proved to fly just as well as the original but with the advantage that it can be rigged in just a couple of minutes by inserting just 4 bolts at the field so making it a very practical everyday flyer.

Basic fuselage under construction

Basic construction of the key parts complete

Aligning the top wing centre section and cabane assembly

Fuselage sheeting complete ready for final sanding and covering

Scale undercarriage under construction showing the excessive "droop" of the full size.

Covering of the model using Diatex 1000. 4 coats of dope will be applied before painting

Scale rib tapes being applied to the covering

Fuselage and tail covering with rib and reinforcing tapes applied

All parts covered and final assemble and rigging underway.

Model finished. Pained in Cellulose dope mixed by Skycraft especially for the model.

First test flight. The motor is a Zenoah 80 twin (because John had one in the workshop spare but due to its weight 6ozs of lead had to be stuck in the tail to get the CG correct. The ideal motor for this model is a Zenoah 62.

A very old picture of John with the original model just before it was flown to America..