Messerschmitt ME.262


This is a scale model of the worlds first operational jet fighter was completed in 2003 and is to a scale of  1:2.75 giving a wingspan of 4.6 m and a length of 3.9m, the dry weight is 62 Kg.

The model was built to this large scale to use the available power from a pair of AMT Netherlands Olympus motors. This superb motor has a power output of 190 Newton's (45 lbs) and the two motors together give the model an impressive power to weight ratio. Fuel capacity is 15 litres held in two specially made tanks in scale locations within the fuselage. This is sufficient for a 10 to 12 minute flight plus safety reserve.

Construction of the model is mainly balsa wood with a complete monocoque fuselage covered with glass cloth and G 4 inside and out. Wings and tail are traditional built up construction, sheeted with 2 mm lite-ply to give a stressed skin and then covered with glass cloth and G 4.

The model has a custom made retracting undercarriage with its own on board compressor, wheel brakes and as with all Ghost Squadron scale models has full surface detail including rivets, panel lines, and inspection hatches.


This model has now been sold





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