1930`s five seat utility aircraft using a single spar with torsion loads resisted by compression struts supported by triangulated wire bracing of unique design and light for the time. About sixty were built and powered by Pobjoy Niagara 7 cylinder radial engines of 90 h.p. The model represents one of several used by both sides in the Spanish civil war.


Model Specification;


Wingspan. 4M

Length. 2M

Weight. 26 Kg

Scale. 1/3

Radio. Futaba Fhss with Hitec servos (9)

Engine. DLE 56RA (x2)

The model was designed and built by Andrew Taylor and is of traditional balsa construction and covered with Sig Koverall.

Airframe complete and being covered in SIG Koverall and Randoulph dope.

Working on the built up cowlings and the unusual undercarriage.

The Monospar is a very nice flyer. Adequately powered, it is happy flying around in a most scale fashion at low throttle settings.