This addition to the Ghost Squadron fleet of models is a little different

The Paramotor is an exact copy of the full size and is controlled in the same way by servo operated arms pulling control lines attached to the trailing edge of the canopy.


The model comes from Hacker and the canopy is made by Swing, the same company that manafactures the full size canopies.


In flight the model is completely realistic and has fooled many into thinking a full size paramotor has joined the circuit.


John used to fly full size paramotors but this is  as close as he can get to flying one now.



Canopy span = 3m

weight = 3.0kg with provision for 0.5kg of ballest

Radio Futaba 2.4ghz using 3 channels controliing the pilots arms and motor

Motor = Hacker

Battery = 3S 5000mha