Twin pulse jet at LMA Cosford


Pulse Jets

The Ghost Squadron was one of the few pulse jet teams to successfully fly these jets regularly at shows around Europe and in 1993 become pulse jets champions of Europe we still have these and one day they may be used at shows again, the engines produce a sound which once heard is never forgotten . The twin in the top right picture was capable of over 240 mph in any flight attitude. The only operational problem was the fuel consumption which allowed a flight of only 3 mins from light up to engine cut. We still have the model and may one day reintroduce it to the show circuit.


The single-engined pulse jet seen in

the black and white photo is the Delpheno, this aircraft was later converted to become our first turbine-powered aircraft

Twin Pulse  videoed at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk

top speed reached in this flight was more than 240 miles per hour

Delpheno Pulse Jet /Turbine

This Aircraft was the teams first pulse jet powered plane and also its first turbine powered one. As a pulse jet powered plane it was powered by a Italian engine Zanin  pulse jet. As a turbine it was powered by a JPX french engine and was engine No 3 from their factory. The aircraft also performed last official pulse jet flight at pamper (Belgium) and also the first turbine flight the next year