SD Greenley


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This model is a modified version of the famous Super Greenley sport model designed by John Greenfield and promoted by the Large Model Association as an ideal entry level model for modellers moving to large models.

The model was built expressly as a glider tug to aero tow large scale gliders. Whilst it still looks like a normal Greenley it has been shortened in the nose by 50 mm to counter the weight of the large Zenoah 74 cc flat twin motor and has also been lengthened in the tail by 75 mm to help stability and to assist in making the model balance. Flaps have also been added to the wing to assist in descending rapidly from height after dropping of the glider. They also assist in landing the model where the extra drag helps overcome the huge thrust from the 26” diameter propeller even at tick over.

The model is fitted with big batteries of 4800 mah capacity to allow towing all

day and they are wired to provide redundancy in the event of a battery failure.

Later versions of the SD Greenley are now fitted with a Zenoah 62 motor and a Zimmerman tuned exhaust to provide equal power to the Zenoah 74 version but less weight. This is now the preferred option for this model