Supermarine Sea Otter

This model is a unique addition to the team's stable of models in that it was not originally built by one of the team members.

It purchased from LMA member Roger Bale who flew it around the show circuit for a while before deciding to sell it. John liked the unusual shape and thought it would fit in well with the other WW 2 models the team has.

The model has a 3 m wingspan and powered by a Zenoah 74 cc twin cylinder petrol motor.  It can be a little tricky to land in a strong crosswind but does make a relaxing change from some of the team's other models when the weather is nice.

At the end of 2010 the model was showing its age and was withdrawn from flying and consigned to the back of the hanger. In 2012 it was decided to do a major refit to get it flying again. After stripping the original covering off the structure was found to be in a poor condition and requiring extensive renovation. The wings were disassembled and rebuilt, the fuselage completely stripped, strengthened and all the open areas sheeted. At the same time, it was decided to make the tail removable to aid transport. The fuselage was glass skinned and the rebuilt wings covered in Diatex and doped. New rigging and interplane struts were made and a completely new radio installation fitted. The amount of work needed to restore the model was far in excess of what was originally anticipated and the work took 3 years but in 2015 the model was finished, signed off by the LMA and is now flying again.


This model has now been sold