Australian dedicated agricultural and utility aircraft. Of unusual sesquiplane design with `split` tailplane to allow for bulk loading of the hopper from the rear. Two persons or freight could be carried in the cabin at the back. The design first flew in 1965 with about 120 built by the mid 80`s. Some are still used as glider tugs each pulling two gliders.


Wingspan. 3M

Length. 1.5

Weight. 18.5 Kg

Scale. 1/4

Radio. Futaba Fhss with Hitec servos (10)

Engine. Zenoah 80

This interesting model was built by Andrew Taylor from a New Zealand Model Products plan.

It is of traditional balsa ply construction with epoxy/glasscloth covering.

The model is finished to represent the full-size example as used in the Mel Gibson film `Mad Max beyond Thunderdome.`

 .Ready for take off.

Zenoah 80cc motor installed and also showing the novel attachment for the required noseweight.

The Sky Farmer in flight. It's very unusal shape shows well  but can cause orientation problems