Sweep Streek. 



Andrew built this model as a caricature of a small full-size American racer called Hot Canary which now resides in the EAA museum. it is unusual in that it has a reverse stagger wing.  The model was enlarged from a M.A.N. magazine plan some twenty years ago but with a `Bonanza` type"V" tail which Andrew thought might be a good idea for tugging gliders as the towline would go through the V of the tail 

This proved to be not a good idea!!! as the model lacked adequate yaw control for landing so it was subsequently modified again to a much more attractive format with a conventional tail !! 

It is mainly flown as a fun sports model as its handy size means it can be transported fully assembled so is ideal to take out for quick fuss free flying.
Weight 10 kg. 

DL 50 Power. 

Conventional balsa and ply construction. 

Wings covered with Sig Koverall as a trial of this material prior to using on the Monospar.