This model started life as a pure glider built from a kit by a German company Airworld. It was designed to be fully aerobatic just like the full size and it therefore very strong. It is of all moulded glass and carbon construction and to a scale of 1 : 2.5. The model was originally owned by Stuart Mackay, the Airworld importer.

After seeing a video of a Norwegian model glider with a turbine mounted on top Stuart and John Greenfield thought it would be fun to modify the Swift and fit an AMT Mercury turbine to make the model self launching. John happened to have a spare turbine laying in his workshop so the decision was made. The conversion was carried out one wet windy day in Stuart’s workshop and consisted of fabricating a motor mount and installing all of the fuel systems and motor controls. No other modifications to the model were deemed necessary.

The AMT Mercury produces approx . 8.5 kg of thrust and the model weight 19 kg plus fuel so there was some concern if there was going to be enough power. The test flight proved the efficiency of the model / motor combination and the model has ample power for all types of aerobatics both upright and inverted. Fuel capacity is 2.5 litres and this is enough for a full 10 min flight with a healthy reserve.

 The Swift has now been sold on. The main reason being that because the team produce a large amount of models storage is always an issue