D.H Tiger Moth

Model Specification

Wing span  4.3 metre

Length 3.1 metre

A.U.W  55 kg

Scale 1/2

Motor 384cc inline twin

Radio Futaba 2.4ghz





John had been considering this project for some time during the build of several 1/2 scale gliders. The idea was to build a 1/2 scale tug that could tow the biggest gliders in a scale way. The model was built from John's own plans draw from information gathered from the full size. Construction is all scale including the wing section and even incorporates the unique aileron differential of the full size. One area of concern in the planning stage was what motor to use as commercial model aircraft motors were not big enough. A decision was taken to build a one off motor especially for the model and this was done in conjunction with the airframe build.

The Tiger Moth Completed it’s certification flights at Middle Wallop in early 2011 although it was felt that the motor was not developing as much power as it could. Modifications were made to increase the compression ratio of the motor and this made a significant  improvement in power.

With the new power of the reworked motor the model was put through another series of proving flights and was finally signed off as a completed project.

The model is now in its final form and has delivered the goal of being able to tow even the largest vintage glider models

Tiger Moth during test flights at Middle wallop





  First test Flight of Tiger moth at Middle Wallop






Many thanks to

Peter and Dean for allowing us to use the above video


(Peter & Dean)  are a father and son team who go around the country filming at the major

RC model shows and then upload their vids onto YouTube  their  channel name is TBOBBORAP1, 




Another great video of the tiger moth taken at Baldock 2014 by Peter and Dean