Hawker Typhoon

A pair of these quarter scale versions of the World War 2 British fighter had been under construction for 4 years and were completed in 2020. The models have a wingspan of 10 foot 6 inches (3.15m) and a fuselage length of 8 foot (2.4m). They are powered by 5.8 cu in (95 cc) Brison two stroke petrol engines driving a 28” propellers. The models are been built using traditional construction methods utilising plywood and balsa wood with great care taken to keep the tail end light due to the very short nose of the aircraft, this has resulted in a total weight of 29 Kg. The finish is epoxy and glass cloth and features full panel line, hatches and rivet detail. They are fitted with a pneumatic system to operate the retracting undercarriage, and features fully working flaps and landing lights.


Both models were sold after the owners left the Ghost Squadron