Vickers Wellington Bomber

This model has been constructed utilising the same design that was deployed on the original aircraft. The geodetic construction method devised by Sir Barnes Wallis has being recreated using strips of plywood and balsa wood over specially constructed formers to give the very characteristics surface finish of the original. It also produces a very strong structure at a low weight so helping to keep the total weight of the model down to 50 Kg. The model has a 21 foot 4 inch (6.5m) wingspan with a fuselage length of 13 foot 6 inches (4 m). A pair of 3W 60 cc two-stroke petrol engines provide power turning 24” propellers. The model is fabric covered, as per the original aircraft, and features an own designed pneumatic retracting undercarriage system, complete with its own onboard compressor. Due to its unique construction methods and good flying characteristics the model has been a success wherever it has been flown and had won most of the competitions it has entered in Europe. The model has been used extensively in TV documentaries about World War 2 and has also been flown at reunions of old Wellington pilots. It has also featured in the TV series Supermodels.


This model has now been sold.