Darren stated work on his 30% scale wilga from the Colin Bond plans in early 2015. As can be seen from the construction photos below it is of all built up traditional wood construction. It has a wingspan of 3.2m and weighs in at 27kg.

Originally it was intended to power the model with a DLE 111 but as the build progressed it was realised the model would need noseweight and that a 111cc motor may not give enough power to to big gliders to a change was made to the front end of the model and a DLE 170 fitted. Zimmermann silencers are fitted with custom made headers and with this set up there is plenty of power.

The model was completed in the summer of 2016 and after some adjustments to the flap linkages to reduce the load on the servos went on to complete its CAA certification flights without any issues.

Initial trial tows have shown that the 170 was a good choice of motor and should be capable of towing the largest gliders with ease.