This model was built by John as a piece of light relief from the seriousness of the large scale models but has proved so popular with the public that it is now flown at most shows the Ghost Squadron attend.The model is approximately ¾ scale although some of the dimensions have been slightly modified to enhance the visual appeal of the model. Construction of the body is white foam over a light ply core and it is covered in brown paper. The broomstick is ply and the tail balsa. The cape is sown from black ripstop nylon and several attempts were made before a suitable “wing” was produced.The model is powered by an ASP 46 glow motor and controlled by throttle, rudder and elevator. During the initial test flights it was found that due to the large frontal area directional control was limited and this resulted in the cat being added at the rear to provide additional fin area. It was either that or cut down the frontal projections !!